Corelle Dinnerware

  • Corelle The Break & Chip Resistant Dinnerware

    Corelle The Break & Chip Resistant Dinnerware

    Introduced in the 1970s, Corelle soon came to the fore as one of America's leading dinnerware brands (it is believed that nearly 50% of American households own a Corelle product). Thanks to its combination of durability, looks and above all its resistance to chipping and breaking it has since gained worldwide popularity, being particularly popular with families with young children. Corelle's durability is thanks to its three layers of Vitrelle glass, a material unique to Corelle. Once bonded together this produces dinnerware that is lightweight and virtually unbreakable and is highly resistant to cracks, chips and stains.

    As well as being virtually unbreakable, Corelle dinnerware has several other benefits. It is lightweight to hold and designed to stack efficiently and neatly together - great if you are short on cupboard space. Corelle dinnerware is microwave and oven proof and it can also go into the fridge and freezer. Cleaning is easy too as it is dishwasher safe.
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