Dualit Toasters and Hand Mixers
  • Dualit The Company

    Dualit The History - Born Out Of One Man`s Passion For Invention - Max Gort-Barten, the man behind Dualit, always knew he wanted to create and manufacture his own inventions. His first successful product was patented commercial toaster, from which todays Dualit Classic toaster range has been developed.

    Dualit Timeline - 60 Years On, And As Inventive And Charismatic As Ever - From the first flip-sided toaster in 1946 though the steady growth of a commercial product range in the 1950s and 1960s to its explosion in the late 70s, Dualit has remained true to Max Gort-Bartens original vision

    Dualit The Ethos - No Frills. No Gimmicks. No Compromise. It Must Be Dualit - Dualit is a company with a clear set of values. These include its focus on high quality, well-engineered products, a hard-won reputation amongst professional chefs and a loyal and family oriented workforce. From Max to his son Leslie and grandson Alex, Dualit continues to grow, inspired by the same spirit of invention, entrepreneurship and gut instinct.