Krups Coffee Machines

Krups Traditional Espresso & Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Krups Traditional Espresso & Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Krups Traditional Espresso machines including the Krups XP5240 Espresso DieCast Manual, Krups XP5210 Espresso Piano Black and Krups Espresso XP4200 Perfecto all feature Krups innovative and exclusive tamping system, 45° inclined steaming nozzle, universal filter holder and Thermoblock technology.

Krups Innovative Exclusive Tamping System - for an optimized aroma extraction and systematic dry cake. While tightening the filter holder the Krups Tamping System progressively tamps the coffee ground.

45° Inclined Steam Nozzle - new design for an outstanding frothing performance with a perfect foaming result. Easy to dismantle and clean

Universal Filter Holder - a single filter holder compatible with ground coffee from 7g to 14g, all types of pods (including E.S.E.) and for 1 or 2 cups. Featuring a user friendly cake ejection for cleaner use as there is no need to have several filters to change that can fall into the bin and a cake ejection switch located between the two coffee outlets.

Krups Thermoblock technology for fast coffee at the optimum temperature and reduced scale

Krups Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machines - manufactured in Mayenne France, from the idea, to the conception and the production with a constant requirement of quality and perfection.

Krups, learning from the professionals, have incorporated key transversal features in their range of fully Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee machines including the Krups Barista EA9000, Krups Falcon III Picto TFT Silver EA8320, Krups Falcon Picto EA6930, Krups Espresseria Prem Automatic EA8260 and Krups Espresseria Black EA8005 Full Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machines.

Freshly ground coffee beans - Krups durable conical burr grinder from the professional world, manufactured from stainless steel to guarantee long life and best results. Fully adjustable for bean and coffee type.

The right tamping of the ground

Thermoblock system for constant temperature - Krups patented compact Thermoblock system with an integrated brewing chamber allows for a quicker more constant heating of water with less build-up of limescale.

Water filtration for optimal taste - water filter for taste and longevity, efficient patented ion exchange upstream principle meaning only the amount of water required is treated.
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