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    Vitamix Blenders A Legacy Of Quality - for nearly a century Vitamix has been inspiring the creation of new, flavourful dishes in home and restaurant kitchens throughout the world. The unsurpassed blending technology of a Vitamix brings out the flavours of natural, whole-food ingredients like nothing else can. The Vitamix is a self-cleaning machine that allows you to prepare ingredients, blend, puree and more.

Vitamix Blenders A Legacy Of Quality

Built By Hand - trusted by professional chefs, Vitamix Blenders are built by hand using only the highest quality materials and are designed to last for life.

Vitamix, More Than A Blender - juice, blend, chop, frozen desserts, heating, grinding, emulsifying, self-cleaning and milling a Vitamix blender defies the standard definition of a blender.

Juicing - make fresh fruit and vegetable juices with the nutritional benefits of the whole food.

Blending - create everything from smoothies and frozen drinks to hummus and flavoured butters.

Dry Chopping - grate cheese, chop carrots and mince hard-boiled eggs easily adjusting from coarse to fine.

Wet Chopping - uniformly dice celery for salads, potatoes for hash drown, cabbage for coleslaw and crush ice for drinks.

Frozen Desserts - male fresh fruit sorbets, sherbets and home-made ice creams.

Heating - friction heat creates everything from savoury soups and gravies to sweet fondues and syrups.

Grinding & Milling - prepare homemade nut butters and whole grain-flours

Emulsifying - create signature marinades and dressings

Self-cleaning - cleans itself in seconds with a drop of washing-up liquid and warm water.

Vitamix, Designed To Perform Like No Other With Unparalleled Performance - comprehensive design, all parts designed to work in unity for a perfect blend from a motor that maintains even torque, a container that creates a funnelling vortex to a laser cut blade from hardened steel attached with a ball bearing assemble for greater strength and longer reliability.

To Build the industry's most reliable blender Vtiamix carefully select the world's most durable materials and includes the leading feature required for a perfect blend including: high-performance motor, concentrated airflow channelling, BPA-free, shatter-proof container, Laser-cut, hardened stainless steel blade, metal-to-metal, container-to-base coupling, spill-proof lid with removable lid plug, soft-grip handles and controls, easy-to-use controls and a tamper.
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