Waffle Maker

It's now incredibly easy to make your own waffles at home with these easy to use kitchen appliances. These waffle makers can do everything from sweet belgian waffles for breakfast to savoury treats for dinner. We have both single and double waffle iron models available to make food preparation even simpler, with both round and square waffle plates. Many products have a metallic stainless steel housing. A number have adjustable temperature control.

In addition to standard waffle makers, we also stock some models which double up as sandwich makers and some that make waffle bowls which can then be filled with sweet or savoury tasty treats. Many of these waffle maker irons have nonstick plates that can be removed and are easy to clean. You might also like to check out our coffee machines to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with your morning waffles. Start enjoying delicious belgian waffles at home today with our affordable nonstick waffle irons.