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    Everyone wants to make sure that they have got the best frying pan for both their requirements and their budget. We stock a large range of frying pans and skillets from some of the top cookware manufacturers, including Circulon, Stellar, Greenpan and Tefal.

    We have everything from small to large frying pans. Small pans under 12cm in diameter are ideal for use as egg pans, small omelette pans or for cooking to serve straight from the pan to the table. At the other end of the scale, we have pans as large as 32cm which are perfect for family cooking. We also have pans in a range of depths. Deep frying pans are great for cooking large amounts whilst limiting spillage.

    We stock frying pans which have been manufactured from a broad array of materials so there is something to suit all preferences, with everything from cast iron skillets to ceramic frying pans. From durable and lightweight aluminium to sturdy stainless steel, our variety of products will ensure you find something just right for you.

    Many of our frying pans are non-stick, making them really easy to use without creating a mess. This also means that they are simple to clean. As most are also dishwasher safe, this just makes things even easier. For extra versatility, many of our frying pans are oven safe (to varying temperatures - check individual products!), so it is a breeze to transfer food from the hob to the oven.

    The best frying pans have great heat distribution which will prevent hotspots when cooking and will be efficient in retaining heat to limit the energy required to keep the pan hot. Handles can be easy grip and may be heat resistant so they don't heat up with the rest of the pan - making them easier to handle on the hob.

    Traditionally most frying pans don't come with lids, though we do stock a range of lids which can be purchased individually for use with a frying pan. Alternatively, take a look at our saute pans. Although a different shape, these are similar to frying pans and generally do some with a lid.
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