KitchenAid Knives & Knife Block Set

  • KitchenAid Professional Series Knives & Knife Block

    KitchenAid Professional Series Knives & Knife Block

    • Ice tempered high grade German stainless steel blades
    • Die-cast block - bold, contemporary design Artisan mixer casing
    • Triple Jewel Steel Riveted Handles
    • Designed to help chop, slice, dice, pare and peel like never before
    • Ergonomically engineered for comfort, safety and performance.
    • Corrosion and stain resistant
    • Dishwasher safe
    • KitchenAid Lifetime Guarantee
  • Kitchenaid Knives
    Triple Riveted Handles - Ergonomically engineered from high-pressurised layers of a non-porous material for comfort, safety and performance. A perfect balance of function and form, making KitchenAid knives a delight to hold.

    Ice Tempered Blades - Made from high-grade German stainless steel that is corrosion and stain resistant, KitchenAid knife blades go through an ice tempering process which allows it to maintain its razor sharp edge far longer than other steels. The change in the steel's molecular structure provides flexibility, durability and edge-to-edge performance.

    Jewel Steel Rivets - Each handle features three rivets made from a polished stainless steel, adding strength and ensuring a secure hold at all times. The centre rivet is larger and features KitchenAid's distinctive logo, a striking touch typical of KitchenAid's attention to detail.
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