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    Le Creuset Mugs - Incredibly stylish and striking, the essential companion to enjoy your favourite brew throughout the day. With an elegant, casual design, perfect for everyday use with an easy grip handle. Capacity of the standard mugs is 350ml.

    Le Creuset Espresso Mugs - All the quality and style of the original Le Creuset Mug, but with a smaller capacity of 100ml, making it the perfect mug to enjoy an espresso!

    Le Creuset Grand Mugs - The Grand Mug is the perfect solution for either hot drinks or soups. At a larger size than the standard mugs, this has a capacity of 400ml along with a sleek, sophisticated design.
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Le Creuset are a company who are well known for cookware and stoneware of the highest quality, and their mugs are no different. As with all of their stoneware items, these mugs are made from specialist clays which are fired at incredibly high temperatures to leave a strong and durable finished product.

The enamel coating is the result of years of expertise and creates a finish that not only looks fantastic, but is both easy to clean and scratch resistant. In addition to being dishwasher safe, the Le Creuset mugs are also suitable for use in the microwave. Here at Harts we sell standard Le Creuset stoneware mugs, espresso mugs and grand mugs, as well as a number of gift sets.

In addition to the various sizes for sale, there is also a wide range of colours available. If you already own some Le Creuset items and are looking for a mug to match, or whether you're hoping to purchase your first product, we've got you covered! You can get a full set in a single style and colour, or mix and match colours that compliment one another.

The Le Creuset mugs come with a 5 year guarantee so, as with the rest of their products, you are safe in the knowledge that these mugs are durable and long lasting.
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