KitchenAid Charity ‘Raspberry Ice’ Suite

KitchenAid Charity Raspberry Ice Suite

Raspberry Ice has been chosen as the new KitchenAid charity colour, and a brand-new suite of four iconic appliances has been specially created in this vibrant shade. Taking its inspiration from the colour of the global pink ribbon campaign, Raspberry Ice is a brighter interpretation of the ribbon and proceeds from sales of appliances within the suite will […]

Textiles Buying Guide

Textiles Buying Guide

Textiles are one of the main elements that complete the overall design and style of the modern day kitchen. They have a large range of uses – from protecting you whilst cooking to adding the finishing touches to a table setting. Modern designs add colour, style and even fun to functional products, bringing your home […]

A trio of mussels from La Fosse at Cranborne

Trio of mussels from La Fosse at Cranborne

Award-winning chef Mark Hartstone from La Fosse at Cranborne brings us another of his wonderful recipes, this time for a trio of mussels. Mussels are a fantastic ingredient as they require little to no preparation, and cook exceedingly quickly. Moules frites the French fast food staple is a substantial meal though hardly a romantic gourmet dinner. […]

Drinkware Buying Guide

Drinkware Buying Guide

Let’s face it, drinking plays a huge part in our lives – whether it’s that first cup of coffee to kick-start your morning, a hydrating drink during your workout or a relaxing glass of wine at the end of the week. With our increasingly busy lifestyles, having your drink whilst on the go is a […]

Tableware Buying Guide

Tableware Buying Guide

Choosing the right tableware for your kitchen or dining room is usually recognised as one of the ‘finishing touches’, turning the area into the focal point of your home. It can turn the mundane and functional item into a design statement, and can complement your kitchen or dining room design to finish off an area […]

British Pie Week

British Pie Week Feature Image

The humble pie – sweet or savoury, large or small, raised or flat, open or closed – we all have a favourite. As I write, the wind outside is howling and rain is lashing against the window. Inevitably my thoughts turn to food and on days like this a warm and comforting steak & ale […]

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Celebrating 150 Years Beatrix Potter Helen ‘Beatrix Potter’ was born in London on the 28th July 1866 to a privileged family and at the age of 27 wrote a letter featuring the first known drawing of Peter Rabbit. The first publication of ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ went into public circulation in 1902. Potter had previously […]

The BIA Egg Coddler – a doddle to coddle

Egg Coddler range from BIA International

One of the perks of working for a cookware shop is being able to test some of the wonderful stock. One of our newest products is a modern twist on a design that has been around since the late 1800s – the egg coddler. I’ve always liked eggs. As a child, scrambled eggs on toast (tommy […]

Baking, Pastry and Icing Buying Guide

Baking Pastry Icing Buying Guide

Baking is an ever popular home tradition which continues to grow in popularity thanks to TV programmes like ‘The Great British Bake Off’. More and more shows feature baking, from learning the basics right up to more advanced cake decoration with lavish recipes for extraordinary cupcakes and cookies. This makes baking a very versatile and […]