A Beginner’s Guide to Spiralizing

A Beginners Guide to Spiralizing Feature

Spiralizing has recently taken the world by storm and has quickly become one of the fastest healthy eating trends to emerge. Eating enough of the recommended fruit and vegetables in our diets can be even more challenging in modern times, due to factors including busy careers, juggling families and easy access to convenience foods. Spiralizing […]

Global Knives – differences between Classic & Ni ranges

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We are often asked “What is the difference between a Global Classic and a Global Ni knife?” At first glance you would probably say ‘Not a lot’, but read on and we’ll explain the subtle differences and improvements between both ranges of Global knives. Global Classic Knives Created in 1985, Global knives were designed by creative visionary, Komin […]

Kitchen Accessories & Gadgets Buying Guide

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Kitchen accessories and gadgets are an essential part of daily routines in our kitchens and homes often without us even realising. Everyday tasks would be very tricky without them and even though some of these gadgets and tools can be very simple or small they make a big difference. The guide below is an indicator […]

Chicken Fillet with Celeriac Purée

Chicken Fillet with Celeriac Puree

Looking for a quick and healthy supper to cook over the weekend? This chicken fillet with celeriac purée recipe ticks all the boxes. A crisp fried-ham wrapping and a creamy filling ensure these chicken fillets are nice and juicy. The spicy vegetable purée makes a perfect side dish. Thanks to Vitamix for this recipe which is taken from their […]

Omelette Wraps with Smoked Salmon

Omelette Wraps with Smoked Salmon

Try something a little different. These omelette wraps have a smoked salmon and fresh rocket filling. Perfect for a light weekend lunch or as a meal on the go. Thanks to Vitamix for this recipe which is taken from their Healthy Eating recipe book. Ingredients 100 g (3½ oz) frozen peas 4 eggs 5 tsp oil salt & pepper 300 […]