• Back to Basics - Cheese Scones

    In preparation for the upcoming 2021 Sturminster Cheese Festival Weekend (Saturday 11th Sept - Sunday 12th Sept), Harts Coffee Loft Manager - Ben shares his best Cheese Scone recipe! The Harts of Stur Open Weekend coincides with this year’s Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival, so if you’re heading into town, don't forget to visit us!

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  • Back to Basics - Bechamel Sauce

    Bechamel sauce originates from France and is commonly known as “white sauce” in the UK. It is made from a roux (equal amounts of melted butter & plain flour) mixed with milk.

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  • Back to Basics - Pesto

    Originating from Italy, pesto is a very simple recipe that adds vibrant colour and freshness to a dish - especially pasta. It goes very well as a salad dressing, marinated chicken, white fish or steak.

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  • Back to Basics - Bread

    There are many different types and methods of making bread including sourdough, ciabatta, focaccia, loaves, pitta, the list goes on. With the following basic bread recipe, it can be adapted by adding different grains, nuts, fruits, herbs, meats and even cheeses. This recipe can also be made into different shapes and sizes. If making into smaller loafs or rolls, the cooking time will need to be reduced to around 20 mins.

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