How to clean Circulon non-stick cookware

Author: Jon Dart


Circulon non-stick cookware is specially created to provide long lasting non stick performance that outlasts its competitors. The Total Non-Stick System combines Hi-Low Wave Technology with one of the most advanced non-stick coatings available. "Hi-Low" grooves increase the radiant surface at the same time as reducing surface contact with food. This considerably reduces the likelihood of the food sticking. The quality non-stick coating applied to the interior and exterior further ensures easy food release. The result is an easy to clean pan that requires very little oil for healthier cooking. Circulon cookware is suitable for use on all conventional cooker types including induction. Read on to find out how to clean Circulon non-stick cookware and get the best from it.

How to clean Circulon non-stick cookware - range shot

First use

Before first use remove all labels, wash with detergent then rinse and dry thoroughly. For best results, the non-stick cooking surface can be 'conditioned' with a little vegetable oil before using. Wipe off any excess oil with kitchen paper. Periodic 'conditioning' will help preserve the easy release quality of the non-stick surface.

Stove top cooking

Circulon cookware distributes heat evenly so cooking can be done on a low to medium heat. Depending on the type and length of cooking the fittings may get hot. For safety, it is recommended that oven gloves are used. Use the pan on a burner of corresponding diameter to make the best use of energy. If using on a gas hob, adjust the flame so it does not extend up the sides of the pan. Continuous high heat may cause discolouration Where supplied always use lids when cooking. This will help to preserve nutrients and flavour during cooking and heat can be kept to a minimum, saving energy. Do not leave an empty pan on a hot burner or allow the pan to boil dry. This will waste energy and impair the pan's performance. In the event of your pan boiling dry do not attempt to move from the hob until it has cooled down.

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Oven cooking

Your cookware is oven safe to Gas 9, 240°C, 475°F. This means that you can start a dish on top of the stove then finish cooking it in the oven. For fan assisted ovens, adjust the temperature in accordance with the oven manufacturer's guidelines. Always use an oven glove when removing from the oven. Never allow the handles to be positioned over the heat source. Avoid leaving food in the pan after cooking, as it may cause deterioration to the pan's surface. How to clean Circulon non-stick cookware blog - utensils


We recommend the use of wooden or heat resistant plastic utensils on your cookware. Heavy use of metal utensils will damage the non-stick surface. Minor scratches however will not impair the non-stick performance.


Pans should not be filled to more than two thirds capacity. As soon as boiling point is reached, the temperature should be lowered. Never leave hot oil unattended. If deep frying, fill the pan no more than one third full of oil. Do not allow handles to extend over hot burners. If using on a ceramic or halogen hob, always lift the pans - never drag. Follow hob manufacturers' instructions. Remove the lid (where supplied) by lifting away from you. Direct contact with rising steam can be dangerous. When filled, some pans can be very heavy. Be careful when moving the pan if it contains hot oil or other hot liquids. Keep handles from extending over the front edge of the cooker. Position away from other burners to keep them from getting hot. Some cookware (especially those with a small diameter base and frypans) may be unstable when placed empty on a gas hob. Always take care to position in line with the supports.

Cleaning Circulon non-stick cookware

Immediately after use, remove the pan from the heat then let it cool down on a trivet or heat resistant surface. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan as this may cause warping of the pan base. Always wash pans after each use. Cleaning of the non-stick surface with a dishcloth after each use will remove food or grease particles which can settle into the grooves of the Hi-Low system. If not removed, these particles will burn when the pan is reheated, causing stains and reducing the non-stick quality. For best results only use products which clearly state that they are suitable for cleaning non stick surfaces. Do not use steel wool, scouring pads or powders. A spotted white film (minerals from water and starch from food) may form on the non-stick surface. The white film can be removed by rubbing the non-stick surface with a sponge that has been dipped in lemon juice or vinegar. Then wash, rinse and recondition the non-stick surface. The exterior surface should be cleaned using hot soapy water and a soft cloth after each use. Never store pans when damp or wet. To avoid scratching during storage, interleave with kitchen paper.

How to clean Circulon non-stick cookware blog - dishwasher

Dishwasher safe

All Circulon non-stick cookware is dishwasher safe. However like all fine cookware, hand washing is preferable.  Always carefully follow dishwasher manufacturers' instructions.


Circulon non-stick cookware comes with a Lifetime Customers Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse or commercial use. Stains, discolouration or damage from overheating, or discolouration caused by dishwasher use are not covered by this guarantee. Incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this guarantee.