Kitchen Electricals Buying Guide - Desserts

Author: Clare Smith


Electric Waffle Maker

Everyone loves a dessert or a sweet treat every now and again and there are some great kitchen electricals to make their creation easier and quicker - from ice cream makers through to waffle makers. This handy guide describes some of the most popular models.

Waffle Makers

It's incredibly simple to make your own waffles at home with an easy to use electric waffle maker. Many of these waffle makers have adjustable temperature control to ensure your waffles are cooked just right. Perfect for indulgent breakfasts covered with fruit and maple syrup or a tasty dessert accompanied by a large scoop of ice cream or your favourite topping.


Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountains

A chocolate fountain is a three-tiered fountain that creates a waterfall of melted chocolate. What could be better than that? A real party pleaser and fun desserts for all special occasions, different chocolates can be used in the fountain - milk and white chocolate being very popular. The chocolate for this machine is available in pouches. Add some marshmallows or fresh fruit to a stick, hold under the chocolate fountain and enjoy!

Electric Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream & Gelato

An ice cream and gelato maker will make lovely fresh, natural ice cream to your specific taste. Electric ice cream makers come in two main varieties - built-in freezer or freeze ahead.

Models with a built-in freezer tend to be more expensive but only take a minimum amount of time to pre-freeze. Although they have a larger footprint, electric ice cream makers produce a smoother and consistent finish and can make several batches of ice cream in one day.

Freeze-ahead electric ice cream makers require a degree of forward planning as the bowls need to be placed in a freezer for at least 8 hours. On the plus side they can freeze the ice cream faster, take up less room and cost less than built-in-freezer models. Both types of electric ice cream maker give you control on what goes into the ice cream and more often than not, produce better tasting ice cream than shop bought.


Candy Floss Machines

Do you remember those days of visiting a fair on a warm summer evening and heading straight for the candy floss stall? Well now you can make your very own candy floss at home. By adding just one spoon of sugar you can start spinning your own floss. You can also experiment by adding colourings and flavourings of your own.

Candy Floss Machine

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Maker

There's nothing better than a large bowl of popcorn to munch through when watching your favourite film or binge watching the latest must-see series on Netflix. Unlike the popcorn you buy at the cinema which is (a) ludicrously expensive and (b) high in saturated fat, electric popcorn makers use hot air to make delicious fluffy popcorn, which is naturally low in both fat and calories, making it a great alternative to shop-bought crisps, sweets and snacks. The only problem you will have is deciding on savoury or sweet!