How to Season Cookware and Bakeware

Cast Iron Skillet Pan

We frequently get asked about the importance of seasoning and how to season cookware and bakeware in the kitchen, including ‘How often do I season my pans’ and ‘How do I season my pans’. Seasoning your cast iron or hard anodised cookware and bakeware before first use is an important part of your cooking ritual. […]

Bakeware Buying Guide

Bakeware tins and trays

Baking has traditionally passed down from generation to generation within families; children learning from their parents at an early age the enjoyment and skills required to make cakes and cookies. Many of the old techniques and reliable old bakeware items have been in the family for years. Nowadays though some bakeware items are designed to […]

Are My Saucepans Suitable For Induction Hobs?

Are My Saucepans Suitable For Induction

Not so very long ago induction hobs were really only found in high-end designer kitchens, and to most, the cost of buying one was prohibitive. But, as with most things in life, prices have come down and their popularity is on the up (even professional kitchens are converting to induction which is a sure sign […]