A Guide to Poaching Eggs and Egg Poachers

Egg Poaching Guide Featured Image

I hold myself as a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen. Able to rustle up something tasty from even the saddest looking items in the fridge, especially when an extra dinner guest appears unannounced! Even at lunchtime, I like to cook quickly and healthily. More often than not I reach for an egg […]

Kitchen Electricals Buying Guide – Cooking

Kitchen Electrics Cooking Featured Image

Cooking at home is a necessary daily task that sometimes requires help in the form of a kitchen electrical somewhere along the line. These products have been designed to make life in the kitchen easier, saving you valuable time and in some cases money. Bread Maker Bread makers allow you to make lovely fresh bread […]

Tableware Buying Guide

Tableware Buying Guide

Choosing the right tableware for your kitchen or dining room is usually recognised as one of the ‘finishing touches’, turning the area into the focal point of your home. It can turn the mundane and functional item into a design statement, and can complement your kitchen or dining room design to finish off an area […]

The BIA Egg Coddler – a doddle to coddle

Egg Coddler range from BIA International

One of the perks of working for a cookware shop is being able to test some of the wonderful stock. One of our newest products is a modern twist on a design that has been around since the late 1800s – the egg coddler. I’ve always liked eggs. As a child, scrambled eggs on toast (tommy […]