Joe Wicks Quick & Even Cookware


Following on from our previous Joe Wicks blog. Clare and Matt, our volunteers following the 90 day plan, test out the Joe Wicks Quick & Even Stainless Steel Cookware and discuss their progress. Clare’s Progress Nearing the end of Cycle 1, I have noticed a huge difference. Not only my body and how my clothes […]

Let’s talk Christmas with… Jenna

Talking Christmas Blog Circulon Cookware

Welcome to the fourth instalment of fun festive questions that we are asking our team here at Harts of Stur. Today it’s the turn of customer service advisor Jenna to reveal if she’s finished her Christmas shopping and what her top Christmas tip is. Name: Jenna. Role/Job Title: Customer Service Advisor What item on our website […]

Circulon Ultimum Cookware – all you need to know

Circulon Ultimum Feature Image

Circulon has been at the forefront of cookware innovation for over 30 years. In 1985 they were the first company to combine the benefits of hard-anodised aluminium with a durable non-stick system. They were to revolutionise the world of non-stick too with their TOTAL® Non Stick system. This combined one of the most advanced non-stick coatings […]

Cooking with a Steamer

Cooking with a Steamer Featured Image

One of the healthiest methods used at home for creating a fresh and tasty meal is by using a steamer. Steaming preserves nutrients, flavour and texture and keeps food succulent and moist which can sometimes be lost during conventional cooking methods. Using a stacking steamer saves cooking space and requires the use of only one ring […]

Cutlery Buying Guide

Cutlery Buying Guide Featured Image

Buying cutlery (sometimes referred to as flatware) needs time and thought as there are several factors to consider. Style is probably the best starting point – do you want a classic style or would a funky contemporary design be more your thing? Finish is another important factor. Stainless steel is the most common finish, but […]

Tableware Buying Guide

Tableware Buying Guide

Choosing the right tableware for your kitchen or dining room is usually recognised as one of the ‘finishing touches’, turning the area into the focal point of your home. It can turn the mundane and functional item into a design statement, and can complement your kitchen or dining room design to finish off an area […]

Baking, Pastry and Icing Buying Guide

Baking Pastry Icing Buying Guide

Baking is an ever popular home tradition which continues to grow in popularity thanks to TV programmes like ‘The Great British Bake Off’. More and more shows feature baking, from learning the basics right up to more advanced cake decoration with lavish recipes for extraordinary cupcakes and cookies. This makes baking a very versatile and […]

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen tools and utensils are used for preparing, baking, cooking and generally helping with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. As well as being practical, tools and utensils are now designed to be stylish, fitting in with a brand or range in your home. These tools have adapted and improved over the years to […]

Bakeware Buying Guide

Bakeware tins and trays

Baking has traditionally passed down from generation to generation within families; children learning from their parents at an early age the enjoyment and skills required to make cakes and cookies. Many of the old techniques and reliable old bakeware items have been in the family for years. Nowadays though some bakeware items are designed to […]

Are My Saucepans Suitable For Induction Hobs?

Are My Saucepans Suitable For Induction

Not so very long ago induction hobs were really only found in high-end designer kitchens, and to most, the cost of buying one was prohibitive. But, as with most things in life, prices have come down and their popularity is on the up (even professional kitchens are converting to induction which is a sure sign […]