Chinese New Year – The Tradition


Chinese New Year is one of China’s most celebrated dates throughout the year. This old Chinese tradition revolves around the Luna calendar and varies on date from year to year as it is shorter than a traditional solar calendar year. The true reason behind this origin is not known for certain although there are many […]

Cooking with a Steamer

Cooking with a Steamer Featured Image

One of the healthiest methods used at home for creating a fresh and tasty meal is by using a steamer. Steaming preserves nutrients, flavour and texture and keeps food succulent and moist which can sometimes be lost during conventional cooking methods. Using a stacking steamer saves cooking space and requires the use of only one ring […]

Kitchen Electricals Buying Guide – Around The Home

Kitchen Electrics Homewares Featured Image

Kitchen electricals are not just used for cooking and baking in the kitchen but for other tasks around your home on a daily basis. Items like these are sometimes used to ease the strain of laundry or keeping you cool on a hot muggy day, either way electricals are still useful and buying the right ones […]

Kitchen Electricals Buying Guide – Cooking

Kitchen Electrics Cooking Featured Image

Cooking at home is a necessary daily task that sometimes requires help in the form of a kitchen electrical somewhere along the line. These products have been designed to make life in the kitchen easier, saving you valuable time and in some cases money. Bread Maker Bread makers allow you to make lovely fresh bread […]