Joe Wicks Knives and Chopping Boards


As the dark nights draw in closer Matt and myself are coming to the end of Cycle 2 of the Joe Wicks 90 day plan. This part of that has brought with it plenty of challenges, but to help us along with the food preparation we have been using the Knives and Chopping Boards from […]

The Joe Wicks Collection


Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach has risen to fame over the last few years on a variety of social platforms with his quick and quirky recipes, workouts and lifestyle changes. His diet plan has grown in popularity and is now a leader in the health and fitness sector. Along with social media, Joe has […]

Will you be taking part in Stir-Up Sunday?

Stir-Up Sunday Feature Image

Will you be taking part in Stir-Up Sunday this weekend? It’s a tradition that stretches back to Victorian times. Entire families would congregate in the kitchen to mix up a Christmas pudding ahead of the big day. Stir-Up Sunday takes place on the Sunday before Advent. This year it will take place on Sunday 26th November. Origins […]

Circulon Ultimum Cookware – all you need to know

Circulon Ultimum Feature Image

Circulon has been at the forefront of cookware innovation for over 30 years. In 1985 they were the first company to combine the benefits of hard-anodised aluminium with a durable non-stick system. They were to revolutionise the world of non-stick too with their TOTAL® Non Stick system. This combined one of the most advanced non-stick coatings […]

Chinese New Year – The Tradition


Chinese New Year is one of China’s most celebrated dates throughout the year. This old Chinese tradition revolves around the Luna calendar and varies on date from year to year as it is shorter than a traditional solar calendar year. The true reason behind this origin is not known for certain although there are many […]

Christmas Gingerbread Recipe by Val Stones

Gingerbread Biscuits Val

We have been honoured on a couple of occasions during the month of December to have Val Stones visit us in-store signing books and a baking demonstration. Val took part earlier in the year on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off but sadly didn’t win the series. However Val won the hearts of many […]

Paul Hollywood Bakeware

Paul Hollywood Featured Image

Paul Hollywood is a well-known TV celebrity baker, who started his baking career in his father’s bakery as a teenager. He honed his skills as head baker at several reputable hotels across the UK, including The Dorchester, and after a few years spent in Cyprus, Paul returned to start his own artisan bakery. Paul also […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Spiralizing

A Beginners Guide to Spiralizing Feature

Spiralizing has recently taken the world by storm and has quickly become one of the fastest healthy eating trends to emerge. Eating enough of the recommended fruit and vegetables in our diets can be even more challenging in modern times, due to factors including busy careers, juggling families and easy access to convenience foods. Spiralizing […]

Kitchen Accessories & Gadgets Buying Guide

Kitchen Accessories Gadgets Featured Image

Kitchen accessories and gadgets are an essential part of daily routines in our kitchens and homes often without us even realising. Everyday tasks would be very tricky without them and even though some of these gadgets and tools can be very simple or small they make a big difference. The guide below is an indicator […]

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen tools and utensils are used for preparing, baking, cooking and generally helping with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. As well as being practical, tools and utensils are now designed to be stylish, fitting in with a brand or range in your home. These tools have adapted and improved over the years to […]