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Talking Christmas with Michael


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It's the penultimate day of our Talking Christmas festive blogs. Today it is the turn of Michael, our Garden Shop manager, to reveal some of his Christmas favourites and traditions. Find out Michael's first memory of Christmas and his favourite Christmas film.



What’s your first memory of Christmas?

Being brought up on a dairy farm - eagerly awaiting Dad to finish the milking so we could open our presents together.

What’s your all-time favourite Christmas film and why?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A favourite aunt took me to see it at the cinema as a Christmas treat when I was small. It always reminds me of her.

Favourite Christmas song/carol?

Santa Baby. The Eartha Kitt version.

Any festive family traditions that you’ve continued?

Stringing up Christmas cards around the room and adding more each day as they arrive. A great addition to the decorations.

Favourite type of Christmas food?

Brussels Sprouts - the soggier the better!

Favourite pantomime?

The 2018 Sturminster Newton SNAD's A Right Panto - it was brilliant!

When do you open your presents?

Usually mid-morning. We try and leave one or two for later to liven up that 'after lunch' sleepy feeling.

Real tree or fake, and when do you put your decorations up?

A fake tree. The decorations go up in time for the first Sunday in December when we host a pre-Christmas party.

Any new year’s resolutions and what are your chances of sticking to them?

To start writing Christmas cards earlier! Probably no chance of sticking to it though!

What gift would you most like to receive from our website and why?

I love cappuccino coffee, so a DeLonghi Autentica Cappuccino Bean To Cup Coffee Machine to produce these 'on tap' would be great.



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Tomorrow we'll be Talking Christmas with Harts of Stur MD, Mr Philip Hart.