The Sage Bambino Plus - small on size, big on flavour!

Author: Clare Smith


Small but Mighty

The Bambino Plus is one of the latest coffee machines from Sage Appliances. The Bambino Plus has a compact and slim design but packs a punch when it comes to making a quick and simple delicious cup of coffee.

The footprint of the Bambino Plus is sleek and stylish, fitting into a small space if needed in any modern busy kitchen. The polished and brushed stainless steel design sits proudly on a worktop always ready for making that delicious cup of coffee.

Preparing your coffee

The Bambino Plus uses ground coffee, so there is no need to buy beans and get the grind right for your perfect coffee. When buying pre-ground fresh coffee, it is advisable to buy a very fine grind that is specifically for espresso machines. This means your Bambino Plus will provide the optimum flavour and taste from your coffee.

Once the water tank is ready, the machine can be switched on by pressing one of the buttons on the front of the machine. The illuminated buttons includes a 1 cup, 2 cup and steam button, plus adjustable milk temperature and texture levels.

The Sage Bambino Plus will deliver a fresh cup of coffee in no time at all. The water tank has a capacity of 1.9 litres and pulls away from the back of the machine by a looped handle at the top of the water tank. The water tank has clear marking for the maximum and minimum amount of water, plus a clear view of the date on the water filter, so it can be replaced easily.

porta filter
porta filter 2

The Portafilter provided with the Bambino Plus includes 2 pressurised baskets, the single basket is designed to hold approx 9g of ground coffee and the double basket, twice the amount. Fill the basket with your selected coffee and use the tamper to firmly compress the coffee into the basket. Finish preparing by using the razor to scrape away any excess coffee.

Attached the portafilter into the brew head of the Bambino Plus and twist to lock into place. If you have used the 1 cup basket then press the single cup button, likewise if you have used the double basket, then used the 2 cup button. The coffee machine will heat up in as little as 3 seconds, delivering a dose of fresh coffee at the precise temperature for a well-rounded espresso extraction.

Milk up

Now it’s time for your milk. The provided stainless steel jug includes clear markings for the minimum and maximum amount of milk needed for your coffee. The steam wand will sit comfortably into the milk jug, which stands on top of a temperature sensor. There are three temperature settings for your milk, from very hot, just right and warm plus three levels of froth allowing you to have the coffee just how you like it. All of these milk settings are indicated on the front of the machine for easy selection indicated by lights.

milk sensor
Milk temperature

By texturing your milk, you can achieve a variety of different coffee styles. Dense microfoam for lattes and flat whites and a more open, lighter microfoam texture for cappuccinos Both of these can be achieved by using the automatic steam wand. The milk sensor will make sure your milk is heated to the correct selected temperature.

Latte Art

Latte art is a great way of impressing your guests with the Sage Bambino Plus. Latte art takes a little bit of practice, mainly achieving the correct texture of milk, but the Bambino Plus will take care of this for you. Once your milk has been textured, gently knock the bottom of the milk jug on a work surface to knock out the larger bubbles, whilst swirling the milk around in the jug to mix evenly.

Start pouring the milk into your tilted coffee cup, already containing your espresso, until the milk starts to build up. with the jug pouring spout close to the surface, pour and push away the milk to make a variety of patterns to your liking. Just remember practice makes perfect.

Tom sage latte
latte art

In conclusion, the Sage Bambino Plus is a fantastic coffee machine with a compact footprint, perfect for a busy and modern household. The Bambino Plus is simple and easy to use, combining the key elements to create a freshly extracted espresso. Simple to clean and maintain, the Bambino Plus is the perfect addition to any home.