Carrera Kitchen

Carrera Kitchen
Carrera Kitchen

Carrera Kitchen

Put racing in your kitchen too, with the Carrera Kitchen collection. Choose from the following performance products all designed to become great assets within the kitchen:
- Carrera 551 Water Kettle: The Carrera 551 Water Kettle boasts variable temperature settings, designed with tea lovers in mind.
- Carrera 552 Quartz Toaster: The Carrera 552 Quartz Toaster is a modern alternative to toasters with outdated wire heating elements.
- Carrera 655 Blender with Auto Cooking: The Carrera 655 Blender with Auto Cooking, is designed to be a real multi-tasker, capable of mixing, crushing, and even steaming and cooking.
- Carrera 554 Stick Blender: Whizz up soups faster than you could ever imagine, with the Carrera 554 Stick Blender.
- Carrera 657 Kitchen Machine Mixer: Introducing the Carrera 657 Kitchen Machine Mixer, a stand mixer with one of the the most powerful motors for its class.

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