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Frugi Organic
Frugi Organic Baby & Toddler Clothing

Frugi Organic Clothing

Multi-award winning Cornwall based company - Frugi, originated back in 2004 when founders Lucy and Kurt discovered the struggle of trying to find clothes that fitted properly, specifically over their son's cloth nappy.

  • Frugi is in fact a Latin word that means "Fruits of the Earth" and the brand delivers an extensive collection of baby and young children's high quality and bright, organic clothing. 
  • As well striving to help your little one dress beautifully, Frugi find it equally important to be ethically and environmentally responsible as possible. 
  • On top of all this, Frugi are proud to have raised over a fantastic £580,000 to charity over the past 15 years, by donating 1% of their turnover every year! 
  • Frugi Organic clothing is instantly recognisable by each item's bright and vibrant colours, playful characters and clever little details. 
  • As well as visually pleasing, Frugi clothing is comfortable, practical and even sometimes - reversible!

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