Global 35th Anniversary Knives

Global 35th Anniversary Knives
Global 35th Anniversary Knives

Global 35th Anniversary Knives

Global are commemorating their 35th Anniversary with a limited edition range of knives. Based on some of their most popular Classic knives, each knife in the 35th Anniversary range features the Global 35th Anniversary logo on its blade. With hand-forged blades sharpened to an acute 15° edge and hollow handles filled with sand to provide the perfect balance, Global 35th Anniversary knives are an excellent choice for both the professional chef and the home cook. Made to the exacting standards of Japanese craftsmen, the Global 35th Anniversary Collection includes the ever-popular G-2 cooks knife - the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made as well as the G-5 vegetable chopper knife which is inspired by the traditional Japanese Usaba knife - a specialist vegetable knife popular with professional chefs in the Tokyo area. There is also a Global 35th Anniversary knife block available which can store up to 10 Global knives plus a sharpening steel.

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