Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards offer a completely contemporary design. Through the use of vibrant colours they create a very modern style that looks great in any kitchen. As well as looking great, these Joseph Joseph chopping boards are innovative and practical. Not only are they great for slicing and dicing, but many offer solutions to a range of kitchen tasks. Some of the boards include:

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set - This set of index chopping boards limit cross contamination and ensure good hygiene in the kitchen by providing different colour boards for different types of food.

Joseph Joseph Slice & Sharpen Chopping Board - This board comes with a knife sharpener built in to the handle. You can now ensure that your knives are sharp each time you need to chop.

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Chopping Board - The Chop2Pot folds to make it easy to transfer chopped food into a pot or pan, whilst limiting any spillages.

Joseph Joseph Rinse & Chop Chopping Board - After you have chopped your salad or vegetables, you can now easily rinse them as the Rinse & Chop board doubles as a strainer. The other end then works as a chute, meaning you can efficiently transfer the rinsed food straight to a pot, pan or plate.

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