Joseph Joseph Cutlery & Utensil Organisers

Joseph Joseph Cutlery & Utensil Organisers

This section includes innovative products by Joseph Joseph that are designed to keep your cutlery and utensils neat and tidy. The range of items here includes;

Drawerstore - The Drawerstore is an innovative range of cutlery trays, which provides the complete storage solution for kitchen drawers. The twin tray design is expandable and they can be adjusted to fit more drawers with storage slots for all your cutlery as well as for larger kitchen utensils. 

Counterstore - Counterstore provides the perfect countertop kitchen organiser, allowing you to keep all your kitchen kit together. The included chopping board stores neatly at the back with spaces for knives, utensils and gadgets. The Counterstore is ideal for anyone with limited kitchen space. 

Cutlery Dock - The Dock features tiered storage areas which allow you to separate cutlery. There is also a knife slot to keep blades safely out of the way. The cutlery dock is intended for use as a cutlery drainer and water collects in the draining saucer so can be used away from the sink.

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