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Joseph Joseph Sink Tidy

Joseph Joseph Sink Tidy

Make washing up much more organised with practically designed sink tidies from Joseph Joseph. Different designs are available, which include;

Sink Base - A handy way to keep your sink clutter-free, this sink tidy has a place to keep your washing up sponge and brush and is narrow enough to sit behind most sinks. It also has a useful dispenser for soap. The Plus version has a bottle for washing up liquid.

Sink Aid - Designed to sit inside the sink, this sink tidy has suction cups to the rear and a self-draining feature. It has space for storing a washing up brush, sponge and a hanging rail for a dishcloth.

Caddy Sink Organiser - The caddy organiser is designed to sit by the side of the sink and comes in two sizes. It has space for washing up liquid bottles and a brush, with a drying rail for dishcloths. It also has a draining plate for placing wet sponges, which drain to a concealed reservoir in the base that can be easily emptied.

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