Joseph Joseph Washing Up

Joseph Joseph Washing Up

This extensive range of dish racks and drainers from Joseph Joseph offer practical and innovative updates to the most basic kitchen and housewares product. With a wide choice of different designs available there is bound to be a draining board that will suit your kitchen and your preferred style. 

Some of the most popular products in this range include;

Extend - This dish rack can expand to almost twice its size depending on how much draining space is required, allowing you to quickly and easily expand your draining area. There is an integrated spout which helps to drain away excess water, but this can be closed to retain water so that the rack can be used practically anywhere without causing spillages. 

Wash & Drain - This is a stand-alone washing up bowl which has an integrated plug that also works as a strainer. This means that the bowl can easily be emptied without being tipped up and food particles will be trapped to be disposed of. The addition of carry handles to the sides makes this a great item for camping trips and BBQs. The Plus version also comes with a draining board with cutlery holder that fits inside the bowl when not in use. 

Sink Saver - The sink saver is an adjustable sink protector that comes in two pieces and helps to protect delicate glasses and crockery. Depending on the location of the plug in your sink, this mat can be placed in different configurations, with the two pieces neatly locking together to create a secure base. 

This range also includes reversible and folding draining mats and boards, and a number of different types of sink and washing up brushes.

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