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Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Bins

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Bins

Joseph Joseph IntelligentWaste Totem bins, a brand new category for Joseph Joseph, created to cater to the various waste and recycling needs of modern life. Leading the way in this innovative new category is Totem, a unique range of waste separation and recycling units. Occupying the same footprint as a conventional kitchen bin, Totem offers many more functions without compromising on capacity.

Available in two sizes, Totem 50 and Totem 60 both have a 36 litre general waste compartment. The removable inner liner incorporates bag-retaining features to secure bin liners inside, and breather vents aid the removal of a full bin liner. Custom-fit bin liners are available, but Totem will also take standard universal bin liners.

The most unique innovation in Totem is the integrated drawer. Designed for flexible use, this compartment has a removable divider for separating different types of recycling. Specially designed hooks around the lip of the drawer mean that two standard carrier bags can also be secured to make emptying easier. 

Totem also includes a food waste caddy. Designed to fit into either the general waste compartment or the multi-purpose drawer, it's also stylish enough to leave out on the work surface. A bag-retaining ring inside ensures that the compostable liner stays in place without any untidy bag overhang. The lid conveniently clips on to the side of the caddy when adding food waste. Custom-fit, compostable liners are available for the perfect fit.

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