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Le Creuset Glassware
Le Creuset GlassesLe Creuset Glasses

Le Creuset Glasses

Suitable for all types of occasions, from everyday dining, to catch ups with friends, summer parties to dinner parties, the Le Creuset Glassware range has your entertaining drinkware requirements covered. Choose from a selection of high quality glass types including tumblers suitable for wine, water or juice, white wine glasses that are perfect for white or rosé wines, sparkling wine flutes suitable for champagne, prosecco and other sparkling wines, and versatile burgundy wine glasses used to enjoy all types of red wine and rosé, all each supplied as a set of four. Each lead free crystalline glass features the Le Creuset logo engraved on the foot of each glass or base of each tumbler. Each carefully designed glass within the Le Creuset Glassware range is stylish, elegant and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Whether your a white wine drinker or prefer homemade cocktail, the Le Creuset Glassware collection has something suitable for most types of drink.

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