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Introducing rCup - responsible for the world's FIRST reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups. The reason why most paper cups aren’t recycled is because they have a plastic lining, which makes them difficult to recycle as paper. However, rCup have cleverly found a way to clean, shred and blend together the strong fibres of the whole cup to produce a recycled plastic polymer. This polymer is then put together with other recycled material to produce a new and useful product.

An award winning company based on the north coast of Cornwall, rCup do not believe in waste therefore make an array of unique products through the recycling of everyday items. Back in late 2016, rCup were asked to develop ideas to turn used paper coffee cups into new products. A BBC campaign led by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at this time had successfully raised public awareness of the fact that only 0.4% of the disposable cups they were using were actually being recycled. Throwaway culture took a huge downturn and the public were demanding a more sustainable way to enjoy their coffee.

Which? accredited rCup for Best Buy Reusable Coffee Cups in November 2018, claiming to be the top option for an affordable and reliable reusable cup. Join the circular economy revolution and enjoy aromatic, hot coffee on the go without the leaks!

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