Jam Making

Jam Making
Jam Making Equipment EssentialsJam Making Equipment Essentials

Preserving, Maslin & Jam Pans

If you’re a regular jam maker, a maslin pan is an absolute must-buy. The biggest advantage to a maslin pan is its size. This means you can make large batches of your favourite jams, jellies and preserves in one go. Maslin pans are shaped with a wide opening at the top, which allows for quick and effective evaporation of the water in the fruit.

Preserve / Jam Jars & Bottles

Preserve jars and/or bottles are an obvious necessity, but there is a wide range of choices. We stock a range of sizes from 43ml to 2L+. We have different shapes and different lid types – from twist top to clip top jars and bottles. Take a look at the collection.

Jam Straining

Straining is an important process if you need to remove pips and seeds for clear jellies and jams. Our Jam Straining accessories include straining kits, additional straining bags and funnels. All are designed to make jam straining a simple and easy process.

Lids, Labels & Covers

Whether you’re giving them as a gift, or keeping as a treat for yourself, give your home made jams and preserves the best finishing touches with great looking lids, labels and covers. A number of different designs and styles are available.

Jam Thermometers

A jam thermometer is essential to know when your jam is at the perfect temperature in order to get a great tasting jam with the right consistency. The ideal jam thermometer will clip to your maslin pan so you’re free to stir and will have easy and clear markings. Some specialist jam/cooking thermometers have indicators at specific temperatures to make it even easier to see when it’s done.

Other Useful EquipmentOther Useful Equipment

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