New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Live Healthy In 2022

The New Year is upon us. Following a Christmas of binging on food and drink, many of us set will ourselves a goal for 2022 of losing weight, getting fitter, or simply eating healthier. However, it can be a difficult challenge. Often it requires a change in diet but it can be a struggle to ensure that you are eating enough of the right types of food and getting in your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. That’s where we can help. Our range of blenders, juicers, and food processors from some top name brands will make it a breeze to get your 5 a day, whether you’re after smoothies, juices or more! Let us help you start the New Year right, and live healthy in 2022!



Start the day off with a delicious and nutritious smoothie. Enjoy hearty soups packed with vegetables, or create tasty sauces, dips and more from fresh ingredients.

Blenders By Department

Blenders By Brand

Popular Blenders

  1. Beko New Line Table Blender

    Out of Stock

  2. Magimix Blender Power 4 Satin

    In Stock

    Magimix Blender Power 4 Satin

    RRP: £220.00



Juicers are an excellent way to get to your five a day. Drop in your fruit and you'll soon be enjoying a flavourful fruit juice, packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

Juicers By Department

Juicers By Brand

Popular Juicers

Food Processing

Food Processors

Food processors are an extra helping hand in the kitchen and are perfect for assisting with healthy, home cooked recipes. From chopping and slicing vegetables, to kneading dough for bread, these are versatile tools.

Food Processors By Department

Food Processors By Brand

Popular Food Processors

  1. KitchenAid 2.1L Charcoal Grey Food Processor

    Out of Stock

  2. Magimix 4200XL Black Food Processor

    In Stock

  3. Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro

    In Stock

    Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro

    RRP: £280.00



Steaming vegetables is a gentler way to cook them and means nutrients are retained rather than leach out into the water as with boiling.

Steamers By Department

Steamers By Brand

Popular Steamers

  1. Magimix Multi-Function Steamer

    In Stock

    Magimix Multi-Function Steamer

    RRP: £215.00

  2. Judge 24cm 3 Piece Steamer

    In Stock

    Judge 24cm 3 Piece Steamer

    RRP: £110.00

  3. Stellar 1000 Multi-Steamer Long Handled

    Out of Stock

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