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Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam Generator Purple

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Up to 6.7 bar pump pressure and 450g steam boost

2.5l fixed water tank

OptimalTEMP technology

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Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam Generator Purple
The Philips PerfectCare Aqua Pro Steam Generator Iron is the perfect solution if you regularly have mountains of ironing to get through.

Producing a maximum 6.7 bar pump pressure and up to 450g of steam boost this Steam Generator Iron has an extra large 2.5 litre fixed water tank that provides up to three and a half hours of continuous use.

The transparent water tank allows you to see when a top up is needed, which can be done at any time during ironing.

Philips' OptimalTEMP technology means there's no need to set temperatures or amounts of steam generated - it automatically adjusts to provide the perfect temperature and volume of steam no matter what you are ironing.

This means you don't have to pre-sort your ironing or wait for the iron to heat up or cool down. In fact you can safely leave a hot iron on a garment without fear of burning or scorching.

The PerfectCare Aqua Pro features Philips' T-ionic Glide, their premium soleplate which has a stainless steel base with an integrated titanium oxide layer to provide improved scratch resistance.

The vents and shape of the soleplate have also been cleverly designed to provide improved distribution of steam for better ironing results.

Steam ironing doesn't have to be noisy either. This Steam Generator is fitted with silencing steam filters to reduce noise as well as a sound-absorbing platform in the base which reduces vibration.

The Perfect Care Auqa Pro has also been certified with Woolmark's Gold standard thanks to its OptimalTEMP technology.

Long ironing sessions won't be tiring either as this iron is surprisingly light and comfortable to hold.

This iron will even let you know when it needs descaling. A simple process which only takes a couple of minutes, but will maintain the performance of the iron as well as prolonging its life.

Other features include an ECO mode which reduces energy consumption without compromising on performance; a safe carry lock for safe and secure transportation and storage; automatic switch-off if the iron is left unattended or is accidently knocked over; vertical steaming and cord and hose storage.

Supplied with a Philips two year guarantee.

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