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Pizza Trays & Stones

Pizza Trays & Stones

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Pizza Stone

A pizza stone or tray is a quick and easy way to get a better tasting and more crisp pizza. We stock a number of different products for baking the perfect pizza. Ceramic pizza stones absorb heat and distribute it evenly across the entire pizza base, resulting in an even bake and a pizza that is properly cooked, even in the centre. A pizza stone will also absorb moisture from the dough meaning a crisper texture. A number of our pizza stones also include metal handles that are designed to enable you to easily move the stone from oven to table where it can be cut and served. Metallic pizza trays work in a similar fashion - many have holes in the tray which is also intended to provide a more even bake and reduce the risk of a soggy base. We stock pizza stones and trays in a range of different materials, sizes and shapes. Some also come as a set with a pizza cutter included. Take a look at our range today.