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We are traditionally a nation of tea drinkers and for many of us there is nothing better than putting our feet up, kicking back and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. For others the beverage of choice is a hot mug of coffee. At first thought, the choice of cup or mug may seem insignificant, but there is no doubt that lots of us have our favourite. Mugs aren’t merely the holder for your selected beverage. The right one will enhance the experience and enjoyment of your cuppa. The one that feels just right in the hand and from which drinks just taste better. So if you're looking for a mug to enjoy your favourite hot drinks or coffee mugs for your morning coffee we have just what you're after in our mug range.

The first thing to consider is the size and capacity of your mug. Some prefer large mugs, filled to the brim, whilst for others small mugs or cups are the preferred option. The style and design of cup or mug is a highly personal choice and there are lots of designs to choose from; from the most basic, simple white mug design to multiple different patterned options or even to glass mugs. Mugs also come in a variety of shapes so there is a great deal of choice. The other main consideration is the material. From glass to ceramic mugs, stoneware, porcelain and fine bone china mugs, each with their own unique qualities. 

With coffee shops increasingly popular and many people investing in coffee machines to recreate the experience at home they also want cups which have the authentic 'coffee shop' feel. At Harts of Stur, our range of tea cups and mugs helps you find the right one and get the most enjoyment from your beverage. Whether your drink of choice is the humble cup of tea; black, green or fruity, or whether you like a coffee; espresso, cappuccino, latte or other, there is a perfect mug for everyone. Explore our range today and pick your favourite!

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