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Charity Support

As an independent, family business we have always looked for opportunities to give back to our local community. Over the past 100+ years, we have given away many thousands of draw prizes and supported and sponsored many local events and organisations.

We continue to make regular contributions to the Harts of Stur Charity Account so that annually we can make a substantial contribution to support one or two local causes, for the benefit of the whole community. The selected charities will be chosen by our team each year.

For 2024, we have selected Weldmar Hospicecare, Prostate Cancer UK, and The Rainy Day Trust. 

Weldmar Hospicecare

Weldmar Hospicecare

Weldmar Hospicecare is a Dorset charity that provides specialist end of life care for adults with a life limiting illness. Their compassionate approach supports patients and their families in the community, at home, and in their hospice. All of their care is provided free.

They have a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers and counsellors, but only 17% of their funds is provided by the NHS – the rest is raised for the Dorset charity thanks to the support of the local community.

2024 marks thirty years of making every moment matter for people in Dorset with a life limiting illness.


Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK

One in eight men will get prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer UK aims to give every man the power to navigate it. Whether that’s helping understand the risk, make the right choice about treatment or get the expertise needed to feel informed and in control. 

They have invested over £75 million into the best researchers in the world to unravel the complexity of prostate cancer, so they can give men precise and personalised care with the right treatments at the right time, for the best chance of living the full life they want. 

The advances in testing – like huge improvements in MRI scans are blazing a trail towards a screening programme. In the near future, every man at risk of prostate cancer could be invited for regular, accurate tests that can catch cancer early enough for a cure, saving thousands of our Dads, partners, brothers and friends every year.

Rainy Day Trust

Rainy Day Trust

The Rainy Day Trust is the only charity which exists solely to help people and their families in times of need who have worked in the UK’s home improvement and enhancement industry. Redundancy, accidents and illness are always a possibility and The Rainy Day Trust is there to help when the need arises.

The Trust provides support, help and training in a number of ways, from financial assistance (assisting with the payment of utility bills, essential household maintenance, mobility equipment and installations etc) through to helping people get back on their feet and providing additional training and support.

The charity relies on donations, fundraising and support from their members and partners in order to provide the level of care their beneficiaries deserve.