Chopping Boards & Carving Trays

Chopping Boards & Carving Trays

Chopping Board

A chopping board counts among the most essential items in a kitchen and we have great selection. Not only does a board give you somewhere to prep, protecting your worktop from scratches, but the right chopping board can also be versatile. They can be used for cutting bread, fixing a snack, or preparing a meal, and having specific boards for certain tasks is a great way to avoid cross contamination in a busy kitchen. Some chopping boards are heat resistant, so hot pans or oven trays can be placed directly onto them, and many have a style or design that makes them great for doubling up as a serving tray. 

Chopping boards are in constant use, so you want something that is high quality and long lasting. We have boards made from glass, plastic, granite, and wood, so there is sure to be something that will suit your kitchen design. From rustic wooden chopping boards, to bright vibrant plastic colours or print designs, there is a style that will be just right. We also have boards with a variety of features, including anti-slip feet, bread boards with crumb catchers, and spiked carving trays for Sunday roasts.

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