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Are you trying to find the best garlic press? Garlic is a common ingredient in many recipes but it can be awkward to prepare. Due to its small size, it is difficult to chop and will leave your hands smelling if you are doing so by hand. That’s why a garlic press is such a useful kitchen tool. A garlic press will crush garlic cloves which makes preparing it quicker and more convenient than chopping by manually. In addition, crushing garlic using a garlic press rather than chopping releases more juice, resulting in a stronger flavour. A garlic press may come in a range of different materials; from a plastic garlic press to stainless steel ones. Some garlic presses can crush multiple cloves at a time, whilst others can handle unpeeled cloves of garlic. If you’re after a product that is easy to clean then look for a garlic press that can be placed in the dishwasher. In addition to garlic presses, we also stock garlic choppers, roasters/bakers and garlic keepers, all found right here. Browse our range of garlic presses and products, ideal for quick and easy garlic prep with no mess or hassle. We also stock garlic bakers/roasters and storage.

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