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A milk frother is an easy way to get delicious foamy milk for your coffee, hot chocolate or other drinks. We are here to help you in your search for the best milk frother at an affordable price. We have a range of milk frothers from manual frothers to a handheld or electric jug milk frother that will let you impress your friends by serving up a cappuccino or flat white just like your local coffee shop. A milk frother is easy to use and you will be enjoying a tasty beverage in just a few minutes. Our variety of products means that there is a large choice and products with an array of different capabilities. Manual milk frothers will require you to preheat milk for your drink before frothing it with a plunger. We also have a number of battery powered, hand held options which again, require the milk to be preheated but takes the manual work out of frothing your milk. With handheld frothers you can alter the distance of the whisk from the surface of the milk to alter the texture of the froth, giving you more control. Finally, the electric frothers will automate the process for you, making it really simple to get great quality foamy and hot milk.

Some of the electric models can froth both hot and cold milk (great for milkshakes!) as well as heat milk without frothing. A number also have parts that are dishwasher safe, or which can be removed so they can easily be cleaned. Our prices range from just a few pounds for handheld milk frothers to much more for a top of the range electric milk frother, so there is something to suit all budgets. Baristas will traditionally use a steam wand on a high end espresso machine to get silky smooth milk for latte art, but that’s not particularly convenient if you want a milky coffee at home and don’t own a top of the range espresso machine. These milk frothers are a great way to have hassle free textured milk at home for coffee, with consistently good results!

Try a battery milk frother if you are looking for a quick solution. A battery operated milk frother like the aerolatte milk frother is a hand held milk whisk and, although it cannot heat the milk at the same time, it is a quick and easy way to get frothy milk if you don’t need it to be warmed. If you’re looking for a coffee milk frother for lattes, cappuccinos and other specialities then you will likely want a more suitable coffee frother that will also heat your milk. For this, you will want an electric milk frother like the lavazza milk frother.