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Electric Waffle Makers

Looking for the best waffle maker to quickly and easily make scrumptious waffles for breakfast? It's now incredibly easy to make your own waffles at home with these easy to use electric waffle makers. These machines can make everything from sweet Belgian waffles for breakfast to savoury treats for dinner and are perfectly coupled with ice cream makers for delicious desserts. Both sweet and savoury waffles are a delicious, tasty treat! We have both single and double waffle irons, so whether you’re after a quick snack or a full meal, we’ve got you covered! Many of our waffle makers also have adjustable temperature control to ensure your waffles are cooked just right. Electric waffle makers will make appetizing waffles in no time at all and take all the hassle out of preparing a quick snack.

In addition to standard waffle makers we also stock some models which double up as sandwich makers. The ability to switch between toasted sandwiches and waffles makes these machines truly versatile. Some of our electric waffle makers are shaped to make waffle bowls. These bowls can then be filled with sweet or savoury tasty treats. To make clean up easy, many of our waffle makers have nonstick plates that can be removed, and some can even be placed in the dishwasher. Sweet waffles are a great treat and make for a perfect snack. Top them with your favourite fruit or sauces, or have them with ice cream, yum!

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