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  1. Samuel Groves Classic Stainless Steel Triply 3 Piece Saucepan Set

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Saucepans are generally considered the most basic of kitchen equipment and an absolute necessity for any cook. Where would you be without one? However, that doesn’t mean that purchasing a saucepan is something that doesn’t require some consideration, and you should shop for quality. It is well worth spending a little more on a high quality saucepan that will be long lasting and offer amazing value for money over the long term. A number of our pans come with guarantees from 25+ years to full lifetime guarantees. That means that if you select the right pan or saucepan set then they really could last you a lifetime.

The humble saucepan is the workhorse of the kitchen. It handles everything from boiling an egg to creating delicious sauces and soups. We stock a large range of saucepans with a number of different options available.

We have non-stick saucepans to stop your sauces burning and sticking and to make for a simple and easy clean. To make clean up even simpler a large number of our saucepans are also dishwasher safe. There are saucepans and saucepan sets that are suitable for all different hob types, including many that will work on induction hobs. We have an array of saucepan sizes to suit every kitchen task and every size family. With over 200 saucepans and saucepan sets in stock we also have something to suit every budget. There are various designs to match with all different kitchen styles and preferences so you’re sure to find something you like. We also have saucepans in all manner of different materials; from stainless steel saucepans to aluminium, cast iron saucepans to enamel and ceramic. Each type of saucepan has their own individual benefits. Many saucepans are also oven safe, although you may also want to check out a casserole dish if you're looking for pans to go easily from hob to oven. 

Saucepan Sets

In addition to individual saucepans, we sell a large number of saucepan sets. These sets generally include a few different sizes of saucepans and often a milk pan too. The beauty of a pan set is you can be sure you will have a pan for every requirement, and as they match they will all look great together. Saucepan sets are ideal if you are looking to refresh a whole set of pans, either to replace an existing set or if shopping for a new home or kitchen. If you’re looking for a full cookware set that would include a frying or saute pan, then take a look at our cookware sets page.

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