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You may not consider a griddle or a grill pan to be a kitchen essential, but it is absolutely a great extra addition to your kitchen cookware. Griddles are typically a large flat surface which can be placed across your hob, or onto the barbecue for outdoor cooking. The large cooking surface makes it very easy to cook large quantities and is especially useful for foods that need to be turned, like burgers or pancakes, with the versatility of being able to cook a wide range of foods. We also stock electric grills which don't require an external heat source.

Grill Pans

Grills and grill pans contain ridges to allow fat and juices to run off. This not only results in a healthier cook but also ensures that food is grilled and not simply boiled in liquid. Cast iron grill pans and griddles are a popular option as they allow for effective and even heat distribution, though there are even non stick options now for an easy clean up.

A griddle or grill pan is a great way of cooking steak or other foods without requiring much oil and so can be healthier than frying, with the bonus of the characteristic chargrill flavour and great looking finish.

If you're not after a grill pan then you may want to check out our frying pans. Or take a look at our cookware sets if you're wanting to refresh your entire pots and pans set. For other healthy options, browse our range of steamers.

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