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Griddle & Grill Pans

Griddle & Grill Pans

Griddle Pans

You may not consider a griddle pan to be a kitchen essential, but it is a great extra addition to your kitchen cookware, with its own specific purpose. Griddle and grill pans are designed to fry and sear your food similar to a barbeque. The ridges on a griddle pan ensure that any fat and juices run away resulting not only in a healthier cook, but also ensures that your food is properly griddled and not simply boiled in liquid. It is ideal for steak, fish and other meats as well as perfect for griddled vegetables, as it gives a truly distinctive and delicious chargrill taste, along with a great looking finish. Cast iron griddle pans are a popular option and there are even non stick versions now for an easy clean up.

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