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Explore our range of stovetop pressure cookers. A pressure cooker works by using steam and high pressure to cook the food inside. The high pressure inside means that the boiling point is also higher, so the heat inside the pot is increased, reducing the cooking time.

As a pressure cooker means food cooks via steaming it makes for healthier food prep. The shorter cooking times means that a pressure cooker can be an economical piece of cookware as less energy is required. Many of the pressure cookers that we stock are suitable for all hob types including induction, and are available in a range of sizes to suit all families.

Pressure cookers can be used for many recipes and can cook rice, veggies and meat so you can try out all kinds of recipe ideas. These tried and tested pressure cookers are just the thing for speeding up your meal prep.

Explore our range of the best pressure cookers right here. If you're looking for an alternative for easy cooking then you may want to consider a slow cooker - slow cookers are a great option for a busy lifestyle. For a pan that can cook similar meals as a pressure cooker, consider a casserole dish, which can be used on the hob or the oven.

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