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Aerolatte Frothers

Aerolatte Milk Frothers

Aerolatte Milk Frothers are the perfect thing for creating any number of professional standard hot and cold drinks. They are ideal for anything from a frothy and delicious latte to guiltily decedent hot chocolates, milkshakes, cocktails and more! Aerolatte frothers are suitable for use in frothing all types of milk, including coconut, UHT, almond, rice, soya and powdered. So whatever your milk of choice, Aerolatte milk frothers have you covered. We consider aerolatte frothers to be an essential gadget for coffee lovers. These innovative whisks are available in a wide selection of designs and colours, so there is something to cater to all needs and tastes. Some models are also compact and portable, making them perfect for on the go milk frothing wherever you are. Those models are also supplied with a useful protective case to keep them safe when out and about. To top it off, Aerolatte milk frothers are simple and easy to clean. All you need to do is turn the machine on and quickly froth it in a sink of clean water and then place on the worktop to dry. These frothers are a great way to enjoy rich and frothy beverages without the need for electricity, batteries included.