Denby Regency Green

Denby Regency Green

High quality bold hardwearing glaze for chip free and durability. Ideal for everyday use at home. Subtle and fresh Regency Green design. Handcrafted to the highest standard. Perfect for gifting or building a collection.

Regency Green is a popular range by Denby featuring a hardwearing glaze. The fresh and subtle tones of this Regency Green collection are inspired by gentle watercolours . Handcrafted to the highest possible standard and manufactured at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire.

Top quality craftsmanship

Denby's heritage of creating beautiful and durable tableware started during the industrial revolution. The combination of locally sourced iron-rich Derbyshire clay and unique secret glazes is coupled with an ethos to design stunning tableware that is both practical and beautiful. Production methods have changed little over this time. The iron-rich clay is still sourced locally. A combination of water and clay makes the all-important natural slip. Craftsman's moulds are used to form the items which are then biscuit fired ready for decoration by skilled craftsmen and women. Hand-dipping in unique secret glazes is still done using traditional time-honoured skills before a final glost firing gives Denby stoneware its strength and durability. From raw material to the finished product, each item of Denby stoneware passses through at least 20 pairs of hands before being given the Denby stamp of approval.

Regency Green Range

The epitome of understated elegance and sophistication, Denby's Regency Green has been in circulation for over a quarter of a century. Oozing timeless quality, Regency Green's natural sage green palette provides a more muted, feminine feel compared to its sibling Imperial Blue. 

But don't let the delicate looks fool you - the twice fired Derbyshire clay and unique glaze make Regency Green chip resistant and remarkably strong. This Denby range includes a selection of tableware and serveware as well as matching glassware.

Regency Green tableware features

Denby Regency Green stoneware can be used in the oven and microwave to cook or warm food. It can also be used to store food in the fridge or freezer. Cleaning is easy too as it is dishwasher safe. Perfect for special occasion dining Regency Green is also tough and durable enough to be used everyday. 

Many Denby items also have dual uses. For example a pasta bowl can be used as a baking dish and the sugar bowl is perfect as an impromptu ramekin. Thoughtful design has also gone into other items - coffee cups are sized to fit under modern coffee pod machines and oblong dishes are just the right width to accommodate a sheet of lasagne, so no more snapping sheets in half to fill in the gaps!

With just a little care and attention your Denby Regency Green tableware will look like new for many years. Stoneware can crack when subjected to extreme changes in temperature (known as thermal shock), so if possible heat up or cool down stoneware slowly. 

Stacks of plates and bowls should be regularly rotated so items at the bottom of the stack get used as often as those on top. Regency Green tableware is dishwasher safe but to avoid any possible discoloration that could occur from continued dishwasher use we recommend hand washing.

Denby at Harts

Despatched from our modern warehouse in North Dorset, your Denby items will be carefully picked and packed and, if your order is over £50, will be delivered free of charge the next day to any UK mainland address. So whether you are making your first Denby purchase, growing an existing collection or buying as a gift, your order will be with you in no time at all.

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