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Dorset Tea

Dorset Tea

Dorset Tea

Dorset Tea is a beloved and widely recognized brand, with its roots tracing back to 1934 when Keith Spicer embarked on the journey of experimenting with tea blends within the confines of his Dorset residence. The inception of Dorset Tea in 2009 was a testament to Keith's mastery in the art of blending teas, finally providing a platform to showcase his expertise to tea enthusiasts. Dorset Tea has adopted practices that reflect a deep respect for nature. Their tea bags, crafted from a combination of vegetable starch and wood pulp, proudly carry the badge of being 100% biodegradable. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the brand's ethos of preserving the environment and contributing to a greener planet. The diverse range offered by Dorset Tea encompasses a spectrum of flavors, catering to the varied preferences of tea connoisseurs. From the refreshing notes of green tea to the invigorating essence of mint, the timeless sophistication of Earl Grey, and the fruity delights of foraged fruit tea.

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