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Furi Knives

Furi Knives

Furi do things a little differently when it comes to designing kitchen knives. Established in Brisbane, Australia back in 1996 their rebellious nature has led them to rip up the old rule book, embarking instead on a more scientific approach using their extensive mechanical engineering knowledge.

This innovative and revolutionary approach has led them to solve problems both professional chefs and home cooks face everyday in the kitchen. Their revolutionary wedge-shaped handle locks comfortably into your hand and has been engineered to reduce fatigue and provide a sure grip.

High carbon Japanese stainless steel is used for the blade which is ground into shape then polished for a super smooth finish. Both tough and capable of holding its edge for longer than other alloys, it is still easy to sharpen.

The seamless construction of the knife is not only aesthetically pleasing it also eliminates areas where food and dirt can get trapped, resulting in improved safety and hygiene.

Add a Furi 25 year guarantee and you have a knife that has been made with passion, quality and dedication that is designed to last.

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