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GreenPan Cookware

GreenPan Cookware
Greenpan Cookware

Greenpan Pots & Pans

Not all cookware is created equal. As the inventor of healthy ceramic non-stick cookware, GreenPan is the trusted go-to brand for non-toxic, easy to clean and easy to use pots and pans. Free from PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium allows you to create healthy meals with confidence. There’s no risk of toxic fumes or harmful pollutants being released either if you accidentally overheat your pan. Using minerals instead of plastic and upcycling stainless steel and aluminium adds to GreenPan’s already green credentials.

History of the GreenPan Brand

History of Greenpan Cookware

Belgian brand GreenPan has an international reputation for producing healthy cookware since 2007. Regarded as the founders of ceramic non-stick cookware, GreenPan are constantly pushing the boundaries of healthy cooking technology through innovation, outstanding functionality and ingenious design. GreenPan is the brainchild of two school friends - Wim De Veirman and Jan Helskens. The duo set about creating a healthy alternative after they discovered that traditional non-stick cookware uses PFOA in the manufacturing process of the coating and that, if overheated, toxins could be released into the environment. After much searching a suitable mineral alternative was discovered - a ceramic coating entitled Thermolon. The next step was to put together a team of experts to create a range of cookware that was aesthetically pleasing, provided exceptional performance and enhanced the pleasure of cooking.

GreenPan’s manufacturing process

The main material of GreenPan’s Thermolon ceramic coating is a sand derivative. This sand derivative is turned into a sprayable solution using a Sol-Gel procedure which negates the need for any chemicals such as PFAS. The solution is then sprayed onto the frying pan body (again, no need for any additional additives or glues) before being cured in an oven. Compared to traditional non-stick coatings this process produces 60% less CO2 emissions.

GreenPan cookware isn’t just about its ceramic coating. Their cookware also boasts a number of innovative features and technologies, the most important of which include:

• Reinforced ‘scratch guard’ surface technology - providing a perfect fusion of scratch resistance and strength.

• Hard anodised exterior for durability and toughness.

• Magneto energy-saving induction base - leading performance on all types of heat source.

• Oven safe handles that are comfortable and durable.

• Upcycled aluminium and stainless steel are used whenever possible.

Not content with inventing ceramic non-stick cookware, GreenPan are constantly pushing the boundaries at the forefront of healthy cooking technology. GreenPan’s latest range of cookware features the 5th evolution of its innovative Thermolon coating. Now reinforced with diamonds for improved resilience, performance and durability, this latest evolution is Greenpan’s best ceramic non-stick coating to date.

The benefits of GreenPan’s healthy non-stick ceramic coating

The main benefit to GreenPan’s non-stick Thermolon ceramic coating is that it is made from natural materials, negating the need for using potentially toxic chemicals such as PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) or PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) during its production. This makes it safe for you, your family and the environment.

Thermolon is extremely resistant to high temperatures (up to 450°C). Unlike traditional non-stick surfaces, Thermolon won’t blister or peel and won’t release toxic fumes if the pan is accidentally overheated (cookware can overheat in as little as 3 minutes if left unattended).

Thermolon is also a great conductor of heat, so your pan will reach temperature faster and your food will cook more evenly. It also allows you to cook on a lower heat setting, saving energy. Good news for your energy bill!

Greenpan’s Thermolon ceramic coating also boasts excellent non-stick properties. Peerless frying results can be achieved using less oil or butter, making it a healthy option. The ceramic non-stick surface releases food easily, so cleaning GreenPan cookware is a doddle - no need for scrubbing, just a quick wipe in warm soapy water and a soft cloth should suffice.

GreenPan Manufacturing

GreenPan and Harts of Stur

Harts of Stur stock a comprehensive range of GreenPan Cookware and have done so for a number of years. Each range includes a selection of frying pans and saucepans, allowing you to grow your collection as and when needed. Below is a breakdown of the GreenPan ranges stocked by Harts of Stur along with their key features.

GreenPan Venice Pro Hard Anodised Cookware. A stylish range of frying pans and saucepans, and a regular on many TV cookery shows, the Venice Pro Hard Anodised collection is a perennial favourite. Featuring an extra-tough hard anodised exterior with a Thermolon Infinity ceramic non-stick coating that is enhanced with diamonds for added durability. A thick forged Magneto induction base provides stability on all hob types (including induction) and provides efficient performance and even heat distribution. The riveted, stainless steel handle provides a comfortable grip and is also oven safe. GreenPan Venice Pro Hard Anodised Cookware is covered by a GreenPan limited lifetime warranty. The ceramic Thermolon Infinity non-stick coating has a two year GreenPan warranty. Shop the range.

GreenPan Cambridge Cookware. Gloss black, stay-cool, bakelite handles underscore the fresh look of GreenPan’s Cambridge cookware. Made from aluminium the Cambridge collection has a Thermolon Infinity ceramic non-stick interior coating that is enhanced with diamonds to provide superior non-stick performance, fast and even heating and added durability. The thick forged Magneto base provides enhanced heat distribution and makes it suitable for all hob types including induction. Oven safe up to temperatures of 180°C, Cambridge cookware is covered by Greenpan’s limited lifetime warranty whilst the Thermolon Infinity non-stick coating has a 2 year GreenPan warranty. Shop the range.

GreenPan Barcelona Cookware. With an extra thick aluminium body and the latest Magneto induction technology, the Barcelona range of cookware from GreenPan excels at fast and even heat distribution. Cast stainless steel handles are comfortable to hold and allow the cookware to be used in the oven whilst adding to the sleek look of the range. Barcelona cookware also features GreenPan’s Thermolon Infinity Pro ceramic non-stick which is enhanced with diamonds for the ultimate in durability and performance, making it scratch resistant and metal utensil safe. Suitable for all types of heat source (including induction), Barcelona cookware is backed by a GreenPan limited lifetime warranty and a 2 year warranty on the Thermolon Infinity non-stick layer. Shop the range.

GreenPan Mayflower Cookware. A remastered classic, the GreenPan Mayflower collection takes you back to the good ol’ days yet takes advantage of the latest technologies. Finished in a delightful blue, the Mayflower range is further enhanced by wooden ‘stay cool’ handles. The sturdy aluminium body is coated in a non-stick layer of Thermolon Infinity ceramic which is enhanced with diamonds for added durability and longevity. The thick forged Magneto induction base provides quick and even heat distribution on any type of heat source (including induction) but because of the wooden handles the Mayflower cookware collection is not oven safe. GreenPan Mayflower cookware is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from GreenPan and a 2 year warranty on the Thermolon Infinity non-stick surface. Shop the range.

GreenPan Barcelona Evershine Cookware. Barcelona Evershine cookware combines the long lasting quality of stainless steel with the excellent heat conduction of aluminium in its multi-layered body. The non-stick ceramic Thermolon Infinity Professional coating is enhanced with diamonds making it extremely durable and metal utensil safe. The ergonomic cast stainless steel handles are riveted for strength and enable the Barcelona Evershine cookware to be used in the oven. The extra-thick forged base provides stability and even heat distribution on all hob types including induction. Evershine technology will protect the stainless steel from heat discoloration, ensuring this range will look as good as new for many years to come. Barcelona Evershine cookware is covered by GreenPan’s limited lifetime warranty whilst the ceramic Thermolon Infinity Pro non-stick covering is covered by a 5 year GreenPan warranty. Shop the range.

Harts of Stur also stock a selection of speciality pans from GreenPan that include Pancake PansGrill Pans and the ever-popular Egg Expert mini frypans.

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