Ken Hom Woks

Ken Hom Woks

Recreate great tasting oriental flavours and dishes in your own home with Ken Hom Woks. A wok is the ideal tool for high temperature cooking, which makes them perfect for stir frys. Durable and practical, these woks can be used for a variety of other dishes as well. Plus, with a non-stick coating, they are easy to clean. Ken Hom is the master of Asian cooking, and our range of Ken Hom Woks include the following collections:

Ken Hom Everyday Woks, including Ken Hom Non-Stick Carbon Steel Woks and Carbon Steel Seasoning Woks, both with a Ken Hom branded wooden handle and easy store hanging loop, also available for induction, Stainless Steel Wok with Glass Lid.

Ken Hom Performance Woks, including Non-Stick Carbon Steel Woks and Performance Stainless Steel Woks, designed with quality in mind to withstand high heat cooking with a durable, long lasting non-stick interior that will last.

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