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Le Creuset Breakfast Jug

Le Creuset Breakfast Jug

Le Creuset Jugs

Le Creuset's stoneware jug is ideal for pouring milk or gravy and is strong enough to stand up to temperature extremes, from being in the fridge to holding boiling water. Due to the density of stoneware, hot liquids stay hot and cold liquids stay cold between pours. With an oversized side handle for control and a special spout-shaped lip for drip-free pouring, this jug is perfect for everyday use.

Made from specialist clay and fired at the highest temperatures, Le Creuset's stoneware is strong and durable, with a 10 year guarantee offered on each piece.

Stoneware provides exceptional thermal resistance and maintains even temperature. Thanks to their enamelling expertise Le Creuset stoneware is also easy to clean and scratch resistant. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

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